Richmond Bridal Consulting

is a premier event planning company, proud to offer services in wedding planning and coordination, corporate event planning, and private functions. Experience and unmatched taste are the foundations to every memorable event, and our company promises to deliver professional and tastefully outstanding experiences for both you and your guests. We are proud of our ability to plan an event that is elegant with a personal touch. That’s why we offer a variety of services for any budget to create a lasting and extraordinary event.

Emmett Hickam has built an excellent reputation with his creative ideas, eye for design and unmatched attention to detail. His enthusiastic personality, organizational skills, combined with a genuine commitment to making every wedding flawless, has made him one of Richmond’s most sought-after wedding planners. Prior to Richmond Bridal Consulting, he spent four years as a top planner for a vintage wedding design center. Emmett was born and raised in Richmond, Va. and holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University.

With a background in events of all shapes and sizes, Emmett is proud to call Richmond Bridal Consulting his own as he adds inspiration and style to the Richmond wedding planning world. He is always looking for inspiring ways to help you celebrate whatever deserves celebrating. Helping you take the stress out of planning while adding your own stylistic touches is why he does what he does!


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